Sharing PSD files

Thank YOU for willing to share your files on Gfxfever !

Why share your files ?
- Better world helping each other
- Good backlink + visibility (many thousands people a day)
- it is the best way of advertising your talent.
- Many thanks from other great webdesigners like you

How do I do ?
It has never been easier ! Just drop us an email at info \ at \
Have a look at others first to see how simple it is : basically just your vector file (zip) + a screenshot (jpg png) + a few lines regarding the licence type / usage.

Tell me more about Gfxfever
Gfxfever is managed by a team of volontary helping rewievers + one french webmaster (name : Julien )
We have just reached 50.000 registered members and 100.000 visitors / month.
Gfxfever is part of a network of other websites for webdesigners (see top of the page for the links : vectors, Psd files, flash, etc)

I want to be part of Gfxfever
If you want to get even more involved, that’s great news, because I am always seeking for help to make this website even better for all of us.
Just send me an email and we will arrange all this.
YOU can be really helpful by :
- finding great content on the web and contacting the authors.
- reviewing submissions
- spreading the word around you or through social networks

Thanks again for sharing on Gfxfever.
Please tell us what you think and leave some feedback !

Julien –

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